Why you could be leaving hidden profits behind, if you don’t acquire this one crucial habit

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Dear Friend,

The phrase “passive income” is a little misleading. It’s anything but passive in the effective it can have on your finances – and quality of life

But there’s an extra hidden dimension that make people miss its true advantage: This powerful hidden quality is one of the great secrets of internet marketing. And it takes too many people years of wasted time and cash to finally discover it.

Let me give you an example of what I’m trying to say...

You want to raise funds for that mobile library for your rural town. So – being a published author with a solid local standing – you decide you’re going to give away autographed copies of your latest book with every $25 donation.

The only trouble is, the fundraising event you’ve committed yourself to supporting is only two weeks from now.

And you need fifty copies of the book ready yesterday!

No problem. You sit down, and start writing out a new copy of your original manuscript. Three days of non-stop typing later, you’ve finished completely… but there’s the second copy to produce, so you start all over, writing, again.

Meanwhile, the event gets underway, just as you’re frantically typing out your third copy—

Why You Don’t Have To Re-Invent the Wheel

Yes. You’re absolutely right. That is a silly and unbelievable example – and I don’t blame you for wondering why I’d want to make up such a non-true-to-life scene. After all, we all know that authors don’t sit down and type out every copy of a book (whether they want to sell them, use them for fundraising or give them away). Books are printed in runs. If an author has to have more copies, she just buys a box of her books from the publishing house.

Yet my “silly example” is perilously close to what hundreds of digital creation authors do to themselves, every day!

Oh, I don’t mean sitting down and retyping every copy of a book… but what’s really happening is… they’re creating information products, making modest sales… and rushing to create the next one…

…Before they’ve thoroughly harvested every grain from the plant that’s already sitting, ripe and wholesome, in the field.

And, while there are two major methods to create increasing passive income, there are dozens more factors affecting it for better or worse – and in-your-face opportunities that people – amazingly – still overlook!

On of the greatest things about passive income is the way you can multi-purpose your methods, bringing in income from every side. There are more ways you can increase your income than you might think – but first you need to learn passive income secrets such as:

  • 8 factors that will greatly affect how much your passive income yields - but you’ll never understand when and where to implement these, if you don't really know what they are!
  • The fine line between two extremes - and the single most important strategy to make sure you walk that line safely!
  • The single most facet you must invest in that is even more crucial than keyword research
  • The most intangible yet most vital asset you can ever hope to gain from your subscribers
  • 2 highly-effective - but opposite - ways to connect with your best target market
You see, it’s all about engagement – about connecting in a unique way with your market – and there’s a reason hundreds of frustrated marketers always get that wrong!

That’s why there are so many people out there, complaining that they’ve been investing in their online marketing skills for years.

Many of them feel they’re lucky, if they make back a dollar a day.

Can So Many People Be Making The Same Mistake?

The answer to that, in a nutshell, is “yes.” That’s all there is to it. You can blame information overload, and our habit of accepting distraction, if you like.

(But then again, some sales letters and offers are just too irresistibly positioned for hungry new marketers to resist. It’s hard, when each fellow marketer is a seasoned salesman, all relentlessly pushing their own wares!)

So what you want to do, to achieve real passive income success, is to perform all the most effective accepted methods… without all the common mistakes.

That’s why you need to learn:

  • The added level to keyword research that many marketers never come to realize they need to explore
  • The single most effective way to reach your customer - and command her trust for life!
  • The essential skill that feels impossible at first - but soon becomes second nature (if you persevere and stick with it)
  • 2 actions you need to take straight away - especially if you've just filled one of those fabled "gaps"
  • 3 infallible conditions you can set up that will make even super affiliates keen to promote your product
  • The secret of the SEO paradox that is only just now beginning to upset all the apple carts
  • The one thing original content is not - and it's a mistake almost everyone makes!
The truth is, everyone’s always out looking hard for the next new sophisticated trick – while the ones that stick stubbornly to tried-and-true basics often miss the principles behind these basics.

You Have to Look Beyond the Obvious to See
What Really Powers The Boat

It’s vital, when dealing with creating significant amounts of passive income, to get used to thinking on a deeper level, and digging out the principles behind the actions.

You have to look beyond the obvious to see what really powers the engine.

But fortunately, there’s a surprisingly easy way you can uncover:

  • The fatal "missing link" you’re most likely omit, when you're creating promotional blog posts
  • The biggest secret to super affiliate success that has nothing to do with fancy tactics
  • The single biggest blogging mistake hundreds of otherwise excellent bloggers all make to this day
  • 6 secrets to instant niche stardom - a case study of how quickly it can happen!
  • Why, without this one key element - and the way it inter-relates - your passive income is going to be a dribble instead of a flood
  • The difference between theory and practice - and why new marketers get so confused, even when they've understood everything clearly
  • The last vital ingredient to add to your mix - without it, you’re losing thousands of dollars you haven't yet made (and probably never will)
  • 6 more ways to impress super affiliates - and instantly increase your passive income!
  • The extra vital factor to make sure you've included, when your passive income method lies in information products
That’s why I decided to write my new special report, “The Incomeology Passive Income Blueprint”. To take you behind the scenes, and more closely examine the secrets of super affiliates and product creation experts.

Ones that are quietly reaping the benefits of self-sustaining passive income – for life.

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It All Depends On Whether Or Not
You’re Ready To Think In A New Way

You see, there’s more you can choose to learn. Because what really separates the cream from the crop is the passive income mindset. You need to find a way to cut all the distractions (and the stress) and learn how to zero in on your goal.

But we’re not finished yet: My Special Report goes on to show you…

  • 2 more ways to add 2 streams of extra passive income on top

  • 3 ways to stay focused - and how to know when you should get a coach

  • How to find your market, when all you've got is a product or keyword

  • Why PPC ads are both a blessing and a curse - and the 2 actions you can take to manage this in your favor

  • 3 commandments of talking to your niche

  • The one thing reviews help you do - and why they give higher conversions

  • A brief overview of CPA - and 3 factors you must be aware of

  • 2 free, easy methods of keyword research practiced by top affiliate marketers

  • Why PPC is – and isn’t – the best traffic-driving strategy for new marketers

  • 5 things you need to track - and one nasty, hidden reason why it's essential 

Another thing you may still have to learn are the places where you can unwittingly leak catastrophic amounts of passive income – and how to properly track it (as well as tools you can use).

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David Stevens
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